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The world’s leading trade-fair with our participation.

In February 2020, Frankfurt will host the annual trade-fair of tableware,…

What is a decal?

This is a picture, and decaloring is the process of transferring a picture. Today,…

Manna Ceramics is exhibitor in Central Europe!

The exhibition takes place in Poland in the city of Krakow….

Manna Ceramics has introduced the new colors of the Lugano and Classic series. Sales start in September.

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Our company history began 30 years ago. Little boy Michael, and now the head of the company, became interested in the production of ceramic figurines. The boy grew up and figurines grew into sculptures, vases, and occasionally cups and plates appeared. Over time, Michael realized that it was more than a hobby.

At first, it was a small workshop in which all the products were produced in a single copy, but more and more people wanted to have these creations in their homes. Right at this point was made a decision to produce all products in the series. A tiny workshop where were working only a few people began expanding. Here’s our story – the story of Manna Ceramics.

There was everything on our way: the ups and downs. We are proud to say that Manna Ceramics is a company with 30 years of experience that has clear goals, knows what it wants to achieve and is moving towards the goals with confidence.